If you’re a Storage Wars enthusiast, you have to check out Knaack Box Wars!

If you’re a Storage Wars enthusiast, you have to check out Knaack Box Wars!

If you haven’t heard of Storage Wars, let us quickly enlighten you on the delights of this bargain hunters dream. This craze turned into an American TV sensation as it grew in popularity. The premise of the show is bargain hunters heading to abandoned Storage Units and bidding on their contents, without going inside. It’s kind of like the adult version of lucky dip, only finding priceless antique treasures is always on the cards.

The first of its kind in Central Queensland, dubbed ‘Knaack Box Wars,’ is bringing the excitement of bidding on items you can’t see to Australia! More than 150 Knaack toolboxes will be up for auction in Hassalls’ latest sale, which are all being sold completely unreserved.

Knaack-Box-Wars1On Saturday 18 June from 10am, locals, farmers, businessmen, tradies and bargain hunters will have two minutes to inspect each Knaack box before bidding. The winner claims their prize and gets to take home whatever trinkets or treasures may be hidden inside.

Previously sold Knaack boxes have been full of a wide range of hand tools, construction equipment, welders, drills, angle grinders, clamps, extension leads, spirit levels, tape measures, hammers and numerous other miscellaneous items. You never know what you might find in one!

Hassalls General Manager Steve Wall said his team were excited to hold the first ever ‘Knaack Box Wars’, which is expected to draw a large, competitive crowd.

“With only two minutes to take a look at each box, we expect some fierce competition, we wanted to create a one-of-a-kind auction that generated a sense of fun and excitement, all while providing good value product to the local community. For those with a keen eye, this auction is a prime opportunity to pick up a great deal, especially if you’re in the market for smaller goods including power and hand tools or construction equipment.”

For more information on the auction (including terms and conditions) head to http://hassalls.com.au/auction.php?id=675

The auction will be held Saturday 18 June from 10am at 35-53 Somerset Rd Gracemere, QLD.