Local Hairdresser Completes ‘Hairdressers With Hearts’ Course

Local Hairdresser Completes ‘Hairdressers With Hearts’ Course

Naturally SAS’ Simone Stark is the region’s first hairdresser to complete the course, which aims to help hairdressers notice signs of domestic violence and elder abuse in their clients.

“We first heard about the course through social media, and we were approached by council to take part in the course. The Gladstone Regional Council funded the course for local hairdressers and barbers,” Simone said.

“It’s important for hairdressers to remember to listen and give their clients that are in need of assistance the right tools or resources they need. We are there to assist them with getting the correct help, not to become involved in the situation. Hairdressers With Hearts provides resources with information to local organisations that are properly equipped to assist people affected by domestic violence or elder abuse.

“There were definitely parts of the training that surprised me, and addressed signs to look for which I wasn’t previously aware of, and didn’t realise were common. Overall, the course is about looking for signs and finding ways to help people deal with domestic violence and elder abuse.”

Simone recommends that all hairdressers and barbers in the area consider completing Hairdressers With Hearts.

“The course is online and can be completely in approximately sixty minutes. I think it is especially important for apprentices who may find themselves in a situation they wouldn’t normally be equipped to handle.”

Simone would like to thank the Gladstone Regional Council for providing funds to Gladstone’s hairdressers to take part in this potentially life-saving training.