Local real estate donates $10,000 to community groups

Local real estate donates $10,000 to community groups

In less than a year, local real estate agency LOCATIONS estate agents has donated $10,000 to community groups through their Community Donation Program.

LOCATIONS Principal Alicia Williams said the program started in August 2020 as an incentive for clients to list with the independent local agency but also find a way to support local community organisations.

“We soon realised that the campaign was much more than a marketing incentive and that it was an amazing opportunity to also give back to worthy local organisations who needed it most,” she said.

“By taking a recommendation from our clients we have the ability to identify a wide range of organisations and clubs who may not have otherwise received a financial donation due to a lack of public awareness.”

Through the program, clients who sell with LOCATIONS are invited to choose a local community group for a $250 donation, and animal rescue groups, the Cancer Council and the Women’s Health Centre have been the most popular beneficiaries.

“It’s great to see our clients choose a beneficiary that is special to them, and they know exactly where the money is going,” Alicia said.

“At LOCATIONS we know how important small businesses are to the long-term sustainability and liveability of our community, so this program has been a great way to identify clubs and organisations at a grassroots level who will benefit from a donation.

“It’s a great program to help those who miss out on funding, grants and other support due to a lack of resources, especially if they rely on volunteers.”

Alicia said that while her team was proud to have donated over $10,000 to local community groups, they’re looking to improve on this benchmark in the next 12 months.

“We’d also like to say thank you to each of our clients that have given LOCATIONS the opportunity to work with them on the sale of their property so we can realise this achievement,” she said.

LOCATIONS estate agents, which employs 19 locals, was established in 2013.

For more information on buying or selling on a property with them visit www.locationsestateagents.com.au.