Local Young Talent Chosen for Junior Academy of Country Music

Local Young Talent Chosen for Junior Academy of Country Music

Mackenzie May is set to represent Gladstone in prestigious music program

Mackenzie May, who is a promising young musician from Tannum Sands, has been selected to participate in this year’s prestigious Junior Academy of Country Music which will take place in Tamworth this July. She’ll be joined by other talented artists from across the country, to pursue her passion for country music.

The Junior Academy of Country Music is a highly respected program that provides gifted young artists with a unique platform to develop their talents, under the guidance of accomplished musicians and industry professionals. This renowned academy serves as a springboard for aspiring country music stars, offering a supportive and nurturing environment to enhance their skills and support their dreams.

For Mackenzie, this selection marks a significant milestone in her musical journey. Through exceptional talent and dedication, Mackenzie has managed to make a name for herself within her local community by captivating audiences with her heartfelt performances and natural stage presence. This opportunity represents a well – deserved recognition of her hard work and commitment.

Throughout the program, Mackenzie will have the chance to immerse herself in a variety of workshops, masterclasses, and collaborative projects alongside fellow aspiring musicians. This experience will not only refine her musical abilities but will also foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual growth amongst the talented participants. The academy’s esteemed faculty, comprised of industry veterans and acclaimed artists, will provide valuable mentorship, sharing their knowledge and expertise to inspire the next generation of country music stars.

When she was asked about her selection for the Junior Academy of Country Music, Mackenzie expressed gratitude and excitement.

“I am incredibly honored and humbled to have been chosen for this exciting opportunity. I can’t wait to learn from the best in the industry and further develop my skills. I’m ready to take my passion for country music to new heights and make my hometown proud!”

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