A few weeks ago we shared a story on 15 local Gladstone kids selected to compete in the Matt Fiddes National Championships on the 17th of September. The martial arts competition took place on the Sunshine Coast and the team were still working towards their fund raising goals and looking for sponsors.

The team needed to raise $7500 to cover entry costs, accommodation, first aid supplies, general food and travel expenses. After a lot of fundraising activities and some help from local businesses, the team were able to make it to the national competition.

Team fundraiser Andrea Asher said “We had some businesses kindly sponsor the group,  we did fall a little short however have a Thermomix Raffle is now happening with $20 per ticket and only 200 tickets to be sold.  Once this is sold the families will be able to be reimbursed the travel expenses.”

The Gladstone team managed to bring home 3 National Champions from the competition. 6 year old Connor Asher won in the Extreme Freestyle Event, 16 year old Tanith Renshaw placed first in the Sparring Event and Terita Mason won in the Adult Sparring Event.

“All of our students performed extremely well and everyone in the school is very proud of their achievements.  We competed from 9am until 7pm so it was a very long day and the kids did amazingly.” Andrea said.

Hunter Neven also scored 2 second places in both sparring and extreme freestyle, while Taurie Aldwell and Tanith Renshaw placed third in the Kickboxing Drill and Sarjang categories.

Andrea added “We were hoping to bring home one Australian Champion,  but to bring home 3 plus the seconds and thirds showed the commitment and hard work that each and every one of these students put into developing their skills.”

“All of the students have Ms T, our instructor to thank the hours she put in training the group. We are all very proud to be part of the Matt Fiddes Family.”

The Matt Fiddes Martial Arts School is a relatively new martial arts group, however its popularity is growing in Australia with many schools throughout Queensland and Victoria. There is currently a Gladstone school, with Boyne Island and Calliope Schools set to open in the first week of Term 4.

If you would like to find out more on how you can be a part of their Thermomix raffle you can contact Andrea 0412 395 586, or you can also check out the Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Gladstone Facebook page.