Love our harbour with Catchment Care

Love our harbour with Catchment Care

Partnering in September 2017, Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) and Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) have been busy restoring the long-standing Gladstone Harbour Catchment Care Program; a program aimed at engaging and supporting the community of Gladstone in protecting and enhancing water quality in Gladstone Harbour and environs.

As a significant working harbour, for both industry and recreation, the on-going assessment of water quality within Gladstone Harbour is unquestionably vital to the local community and all harbour users. Under the Gladstone Harbour Catchment Care Program CVA and GPC are facilitating an integrated program of activities including environmental surveys, community volunteer days, and local engagement and education campaigns.

“We have a fantastic range of activities planned and it’s exciting to launch this calendar of events in Gladstone. Over the last decade, CVA volunteers in Gladstone have removed over 2-tonnes of marine debris from sites within the harbour and so I am really excited to see what we can achieve throughout the next year for our beautiful marine ecosystems” says Linda Fahle, Regional Manager.

In just the first day of activities with a team of 9 community volunteers, over 87kgs of marine debris was removed in under 3 hours at Fisherman’s Landing. The debris ranged from glass and plastic bottles, Styrofoam, building materials and fishing materials such as bait bags and fishing line.

“I have enjoyed helping the environment and this project. I learnt that polluting is not good for the creeks and waterways as it flows down into the harbour so by removing the rubbish from upstream less rubbish flows into the harbour” – CVA volunteer

With a national average of a piece of rubbish to be found every 2.4m along the Australian coastline our challenge is enormous. The Gladstone Harbour Catchment Care Program will see monthly clean-ups along Fisherman’s Landing to protect our marine ecosystem.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of the community days in Gladstone, contact Conservation Volunteers’ Volunteer Engagement Officer on (07) 4951 0933 or visit to view all monthly events in the local area.