International Women’s Day – Lyndal Hansen

International Women’s Day – Lyndal Hansen

  1. What does International women’s Day mean to you?

It means setting the time aside to reflect on achievements of women all over the world.

  1. Who’s the female figure you look up to the most?

My mum; with my father working away she raised five children, but most of all, she did things for herself as well. She learnt new hobbies and participated in things that brought her joy.

  1. If you could change one thing in the world to make it better for all women, what would it be?

Build the confidence of young women all over the world. I think that self-esteem is critical in everyone, not just women.

  1. What would you say to a woman struggling to break free from stereotypes?

If you are confident and love what you’re doing it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks/says

  1. Which women have had the biggest impact on you/your life over the last year?

Karen Auld who is a practitioner within the Three Principles. She teaches how we need to be at peace with just being us. My current favourite saying is “don’t create or be involved in the drama, just observe the drama and you will make better decisions.”

  1. How does International Women’s Day inspire you?

I love the thought of women from all over the world connecting and inspiring each other.

  1. What are you most grateful for in terms of opportunities as a modern-day woman?

I am now a great grandmother and am working on building a new organisation while still managing my consultancy company of eighteen years. I feel very useful to society and enjoy sharing babysitting duties. I’m not judged for my age or my somewhat eccentric-aged behaviour. I can do, and still, become anything I choose.

  1. What’s been the biggest struggle for women that you’ve noticed throughout your life? What would you like to see change?

Women being supportive of other women still needs some work. We (women) need to compliment each other more. It’s not done enough.

  1. What are some changes you’d like to see in the work environment in terms of equality? Have you got any ideas or anecdotes people may not have considered before?

It’s about just supporting people to be the best they can be without bias or judgement.