Meet the Gladstone ‘World Changers’

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Meet the Gladstone ‘World Changers’

An awesome Gladstone family are making a difference in not only the local community but to families in need all over the world. Read all abut ‘World Changers’ from the family that came up with the concept.

As told by Elizabeth Orr

‘World Changers’ is a team that at this stage incorporates our family: Stu and Elizabeth Orr, 11-year-old Josiah, 8-year-old Elisha and 5-year-old Lilah-Rose. The idea was birthed from the concept that we wanted to teach our kids how to give and how to push themselves on behalf of someone’s need.

World ChangersWe donate money as a family to different needs (eg Compassion Kids) though recognise this means nothing to our children, as true giving requires some amount of personal effort and discomfort – something they are denied of when we (the parents) pay. We feel that it is a privilege to be in the top 5{7a2eb471754f58cbf59baa93ee81dc7b74d186cb2e306188f39c85ba863dbab8} of the world, but that if we take this for granted and never reach out to people that this position is wasted. It is important to raise our children to see beyond their needs so that they are not part of the ‘entitled’ generation.

For these reasons, we decided to gear our ‘World Changers’ donations specifically to help kids with any kind of need in Gladstone – our community and local family. Our first mission is to bike 30km as a family in order to raise money for a specific need in our local school. Every Sunday, my children are practising 20-30km on their bikes in preparation for the event in two weeks time, held on the 23rd of July. They are learning that to truly give, it needs to hurt, either our pockets, or their backsides in this case!

It would be so wonderful if the community could support my kids’ efforts to give back to the place they live, either through a donation or contacting me to get involved.We have set up an account for donations under ‘Elizabeth Orr – BSB: 014541, Acct number: 526268175. Alternatively, there is a donation tin on my work counter (come say hi! Elizabeth Orr – Physiotherapy and Acupuncture, 35 Toolooa St). This I hope will be the first of many initiatives from ‘World Changers’ in Gladstone in an effort to reach out to kids in need and we can’t wait to see all the positive changes to our local community that we as a local team can make.

Come on Gladstone – get behind this awesome cause and show us how you are helping local community groups and members that are in need.

– The Gladstone News Team