Meet a Local Volunteer

Meet a Local Volunteer


Jennifer Winning

Where do you volunteer?

Central Queensland Cancer Council – Gladstone Branch

How long have you been volunteering there for?

4 years

Why did you choose to volunteer at Unique Quality Care?

Well my late husband passed away from cancer, I have had cancer myself, a few members of my family have had cancer and most recently my son has had cancer cut out last yet so it’s a very important cause to me. I always say to my friends if I ever won the lotto I would donate some of the money to the Cancer Council.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

Some of the things I volunteer to do for the Cancer Council include the Christmas wrap, sausage sizzles, daffodil day, pink ribbon and whatever else comes up. I’m usually the first to put my hand and I do the early shifts. My favourite thing about volunteering is the feeling I get and being a part of the lovely group of ladies, we all look after each other and help each other out.

What would you say to encourage others to volunteer? 

I would say, just try it; there is no harm in trying it. I waited 12 months after my husband passed away before I joined up. If you want to help your community or meet a lovely group of ladies just get in contact with anyone at the Gladstone Cancer Council branch they are always looking for volunteers.

Thanks Jennifer! Gladstone News appreciate our local volunteers!


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