Meet a Local Volunteer

Meet a Local Volunteer


Shirley Gent

Where do you volunteer?

Mission to Seafarers Gladstone

How long have you been volunteering there for?

5 years

Why did you choose to volunteer at Mission to Seafarers?

I was volunteering at the local theatre and I thought it be nice to help out the workers that are out at sea, they are out on the ship all the time and may just need someone to talk to. I drive the bus and sort the clothes that we receive through donation and give them to the seafarers. Some weeks we have up to 100 seafarers come onshore. I also serve in the shop that provides the seafarers with supplies they can buy from and also offer free coffee and wifi.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

Talking to the men and learning about their life experiences, I also like to talk to them about Jesus.

What would you say to encourage others to volunteer? 

It is great work, it really is, Gladstone is a major port and we should have more focus on what we can do to help the many seafarers. Some of them like to play cricket and people can get involved in those kinds of activities to help. We could do with more volunteers, especially through the holidays.

Thanks Shirley! Gladstone News appreciate our local volunteers!