Meet a Local Volunteer: Di Travers from St. Vincent de Paul

Meet a Local Volunteer: Di Travers from St. Vincent de Paul

Di volunteers every Thursday at the St Vincent de Paul store on Goondoon Street, working in the shop.

“I’ve done two stints as a volunteer for Vinnies, the first time was about ten years ago when I worked out the back, sorting.

“About four or five years ago, I saw a notice in the church bulletin that they were looking for volunteers in the shop. So you can come and go. There’s always plenty of jobs for you, if you have the time to volunteer.”

“When I first started, I did it because I was new to town and I enjoyed the company and meeting people. I look forward to coming,” Di said.

“I really like being in the shop, having conversations with people, having a laugh. I think it’s really important that we make people feel comfortable, that people can relax and realise there’s no stigma to shopping here,” she said.

“The respect that I have seen here among workers is very wonderful, but then again I have never worked anywhere where respect isn’t paramount. There’s a feeling of well-being too that you get, a feeling that you have done something for someone else. You have to be a giver, not a taker.”

Di has these encouraging words to say to anyone thinking of offering their service as a Vinnies volunteer: “I would say three things: it is extremely worthwhile, you will make new acquaintances and friends and you will be giving back to the community