Men’s Health Week 2020

Men’s Health Week 2020

Men’s Health Week is an annual awareness period shining a much-needed spotlight on the poor health status of males.

The health status of males in most countries, including Australia, is generally poorer than that of females. More males die at every stage through the life course, more males have accidents, more males take their own lives and more males suffer from lifestyle-related health conditions than females at the same age.

On top of that, men are less frequent visitors to general practitioners, and the perception is that they don’t care about health or that health services are not well-prepared to interact with men effectively.

Dr. Jean Bonhomme, MD, MPH, Founder and Chairman, National Black Men’s Health Network, stated,

“There needs to be greater recognition of the fact that the health of men and boys is not exclusively a men’s issue. Unfortunately, men’s health outcomes negatively impact the stability of entire families as well as the economic productivity of society as a whole.”

He continued,

“Men’s health, women’s, children’s health and minority health need to be viewed as coequal partners in optimizing the health of communities as well as the overall health of the nation.”

A key part of the continued momentum is the social media campaign, including the #ShowUsYourBlue campaign: People all over the world take pictures of themselves and others wearing blue to increase awareness for men’s health. The #ShowUsYourBlue social media storm is on Wear Blue Friday, June 19, the Friday of Men’s Health Week.