A message of thanks from Karina, owner Gladstone News and Elevate Media

A message of thanks from Karina, owner Gladstone News and Elevate Media

Dear Gladstone,

If you have not felt or noticed it already, we love you. Each and every person living in Gladstone is our ‘why’ we get up in the morning. The reason is always our readers and local business owners, we love connecting you with what’s happening, big, small and otherwise in our region.

It’s been a very BIG year for our little office and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a behind the scenes look at who we are and what we do to make sure we provide you with free local news online, in print and across all platforms, all the time.

The cover looks really different to our usual style but it’s a very important message. It pays homage to the businesses who have enabled Gladstone News to continue to offer FREE local news to the community, not just free but we think it is honest, trustworthy, fact-checked, positive, local, full of heart and soul not to mention really different to the way the other big guys deliver it.

Gladstone News is free to the reader, but that doesn’t mean it is free to produce. The businesses whose logos appear on our final front cover for 2017 have put their trust in us this year and let us show them what the dynamic and professional ad team can do.

A big part of ‘why’ they buy in Gladstone News is to align their brand with our positive culture, our forward-thinking way of doing things and for YOU the community. They love to use our platforms to speak with you, keep communication up, engagement high and they love it when you pop in, spend a few dollars, show up to an event and support them back. So if you have the time or inclination we would love for some ‘champions’ when you see a front cover, an ad or a write up about a business – call them or call in and tell them you loved seeing it in Gladstone News.

What’s made this year such a success? We have kept ahead of the times, while we love PRESS we are so much more than that/ We offer products that no one else in Gladstone can. From TV and video assignments, Facebook and Google advertising, elegantly styled Instagram campaigns and social media management right through to live-streams of local events, bringing you the brightest and most positive community news, we have surpassed ourselves in innovation and new services this year, and grown our team in video production, marketing, editorial, sales (and snapchat filters).

You might not realise but we have a very small team that is big in ability. We punch well above our weight when it comes to what we achieve and produce. I employ five local women – all committed professionals and they inspire me each and every day  – it is my pleasure to introduce them to you, and once again on behalf of the team we wish you and the people you love a very Merry Christmas and a great start to 2018.

Personal Thanks,

I would like to thank Stacy Berry – she is our Business Manager and a wonderful human who really cares about ensuring our clients get great results and service; Lisa our dedicated Journalist, who writes articles, goes to community happenings and really loves being part of it all; Yiota our Marketing and Web guru for being ahead of the game always; Si who is a visual mastermind with front cover photo-shoots, video, production and design plus our very amazing Head of Design, Jac who has made sure this publication looks as great as it feels!

Thank you to our team who are dedicated, driven, and intelligent and always make sure the community is at the top of the priority list (even if that means standing at PROM with a camera and sore arm for 3 hours so families at home can enjoy our live feed and not miss the special moments happening in Gladstone)

Erin and James at Bill Roberston Toyota, they are true community-minded business people that always drive Gladstone to new heights. Wonderful people and so great to work with.

Carly, Kim, Dee and the team at Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre for working hard to bring great shows, entertainment and events to Gladstone, thanks for choosing GN to share that with.

Ken O’Dowd and his team for making a great commitment to investing in our publication to share the message and work that they do for Gladstone.

Peter O’Sullivan and the team Gladstone Ports Corporation for continuing to publish Port Talk with Gladstone News, when lots of the other big industries pulled back they have forged ahead with us. (how good is that pontoon going to be) GPC are excellent corporate citizens and we thank them for Marina Parklands, Spinnaker Park, East Shores Precinct and for all the good work they do.

Toolooa High for sharing student achievements and great accomplishments, the mums and dads come into our office to grab some spare copies to keep and send to families.