Multicultural Festival Flourishes and Expands Throughout Central Queensland in 2023

Multicultural Festival Flourishes and Expands Throughout Central Queensland in 2023

After the success of the 2022 Flourish Festivals in Gladstone and Biloela, Integreat Queensland  are pleased to announce it has been successful in securing $106,000 of federal and state government funding to continue and expand the multicultural event in 2023.

Integreat Queensland general manager Julie Pettett said the Flourish Festivals are all about showcasing the region’s pride and diversity of our multicultural community.

“Our Flourish Festival is about showcasing our pride in our multicultural community – who we are, where we’ve come from, and what we now share together,” Ms Pettett said.

“We believe art and culture are at the heart of diverse communities, and are powerful tools for  creating social connections, boosting economic growth, and shaping a strong, healthy region.”

Over the past few years, Integreat Queensland has held the Flourish Festival in both Gladstone and  Biloela. Ms Pettett said Integreat Queensland will not only continue on the success of those events but expand the Flourish Festival to the Central Highlands.

“We will be building on the success of our current Flourish Festivals by expanding our reach across central Queensland,” Ms Pettett said.

“In 2023 our Flourish Festival will not only be held in Gladstone and Biloela, but I’m pleased to  announce the event will now also be held in Emerald.”

Ms Pettett said the Flourish Festivals will remain focused on working closely with individuals and groups throughout central Queensland, to make sure the event celebrates culture and diversity in ways that suit local needs.

“The festival will continue to be a community-led event by helping people integrate and actively participate in a thriving community,” she said.

“We will partner with local individuals and groups to create the Flourish Festivals designed specifically  to each region and the community.”

Ms Pettett added creating solid collaborations and networks are critical to achieving Integreat  Queensland’s and the Flourish Festival’s goals.

“That’s why we’ll continue to build our partnership model to help take the Flourish Festival forward, by pursuing and growing our partnerships with all levels of government, business, and local industry,” she said.

“Through these collaborations, we’ll be supporting better integration and helping shape a more  resilient community where everyone benefits.”


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