NASA reveals amazing new Zodiac sign for all to see.

NASA reveals amazing new Zodiac sign for all to see.

NASA has recently carried out some new calculations and determined there are actually 13 zodiac signs. NASA has said that the original constellations are ‘outdated’ because the stars have moved since the Zodiac’s its inception over 2000 years ago.

The trouble is that NASA does not decide on star signs, and actually has very little interest in astrology at all. But it’s cool to think there could be another star sign.

The ‘new’ sign is known as Ophiuchus, and applies to those born between the 30th of November and the 17th of December.

The Zodiac Signs were based on the 12 constellations ancient Babylonian people counted. NASA reminds us, however, that even according to the Babylonians’ own ancient stories, there were 13 constellations in the zodiac. This means that the appearance of Ophiuchus isn’t actually all that new – it just wasn’t well known throughout our traditional knowledge of Astrology.

This means if your birthday falls between these dates you can continue to identify as your original sign, or you could also give Ophiuchus a chance.