Your NDIS Plan – Getting Active!

Your NDIS Plan – Getting Active!

A plan is active when the first invoice has been submitted. Statistically the average time of activation in QLD is 3 months, indicating many are not getting their supports underway promptly.

What can you do to commence quickly?

Once your plan has been approved you should receive notification from the NDIS.  Have an implementation meeting as soon as possible with your local area coordinator or support coordinator, if allocated one.

This meeting should cover:

  • Operating your MyGov and NDIS Portal
  • Explaining your NDIS plan, categories and budgets
  • Identifying plan inequalities and gaps, and initiating the review process
  • Ensuring connection to the supports you need, including accessing equipment or modifications requested.  Your coordinator can implement an action plan for these.
  • Paying invoices, depending on if self, agency or plan managed.

Parent to Parent are experienced independent support coordinators and plan managers.  For over 15 years, P2P has supported people self-directing.  Since the initial rollout of NDIS in Qld, we have been providing independent support coordination and financial plan management.

Still unsure or require more information about taking the next steps forward?Please contact us for a no obligation chat.