Never Fear, Birth Transformed Is Here

Never Fear, Birth Transformed Is Here

Anna and Jo of new business ‘Birth Transformed’ are here to help you feel safe, supported and understood throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey.

Unfortunately, there are many statistics stating that women can feel negatively about their birthing experiences, but Anna and Jo are hoping that they can help with that. Both women have worked as midwives for a number of years, in both public and private systems, and the pair definitely agree that being a midwife is an incredibly rewarding career.

After working together for years, Anna and Jo discovered that they both shared the belief that women need support more than ever before, especially during one of the biggest and certainly most physical and emotional events of their entire life. So, they combined their midwifery knowledge with experience and continuous training, and most importantly listened to women voice what they needed, and Birth Transformed was born.

“It is not our place to tell our Mums what their ideal birth is. We all have a different idea of what that looks like. But we can inform them of what their options are and give them practical tools to achieve this,” said Jo.

Anna and Jo strongly believe in educating women and their birth support partners, leading them to make informed choices and decisions about what they want for their own ideal birth.  Given the statistics according to PANDA, currently up to one in three mums find the birth of their baby as being traumatic.

“As PANDA highlights, this trauma can result from what happens during labour and childbirth, but also how a mum feels about her birthing experience,” said Jo.

“So there has never been a more important time than now to empower our mums and even their support people with the information and the tools to guide them for the best birth experience. It is not uncommon for any woman to approach their due date with fear. Our hope is that, by educating and supporting our women, they can release that fear,” adds Anna.

Anna and Jo started their business in 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Looking back, we wondered if we were crazy to start a business in the throes of a pandemic. But, women continue to have babies and pandemic or not, they need support- they need the education to make very important decisions about their care.”

Currently, Birth Transformed holds monthly, private, face-to-face antenatal education classes, in small, Covid-safe groups for expectant mums and their partners. Soon, their classes will be extending to Rockhampton, with the support of the local obstetricians. Their classes are not only targeted towards first time Mums, but also for those who have had less than ideal Childbirth experiences and are looking to reclaim that positive birthing experience. In addition, they offer a number of products and services, which is growing steadily, such as pregnancy and lactation teas, Haaka products, TENS machine hire and birth debrief sessions. In October, Birth Transformed are hosting a ‘Bubba & Bump’ expo. They are inviting anyone wishing to hold a stall that provides a service or has products aimed at the pregnant woman, babies or children. Contact Anna or Jo via their socials or