New Not-For-Profit Headquarters

New Not-For-Profit Headquarters

New Not-For-Profit Headquarters – Welcome News for Gladstone NFP’S

Not-for-profit Headquarters (NFP HQ) has officially opened its doors to serve the Gladstone community. Speaking from their new home, vibrant with freshly installed signage, NFP HQ have declared they are open for business from their centrally located shopfront, on Goondoon Street, in Gladstone’s CBD. Yesterday NFP HQ celebrated its foundation partnership with Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB). At a launch event in the new space, NFP HQ have publicly thanked GAWB for backing the vision behind this one-of-a-kind, one-stop-shop for NFP’s.

As one of six locally appointed Board Members leading the strategy behind NFP HQ, Colin Bourke said,

“NFP HQ has been formed with the primary purpose of enabling sustainable, empowered NFPs which in turn strengthens economic and social wellbeing and creates stronger local communities.  We are proud and grateful that GAWB is partnering us on this journey”

The partnership between GAWB and NFP HQ will see GAWB receiving corporate services in the form of community relations support in exchange for office space to accommodate NFP HQ’s operations.  The new office space provides a location for NFP’s to meet, create and collaborate. In addition to meeting space and administrative supports, NFP HQ will match and tailor services for not-for-profits including training, upskilling, mentoring, team building, workshop facilitation, program reviews and process development across all areas of NFP management including leadership, operations, governance, strategic planning and business development.

Speaking about what this new partnership means for Gladstone, NFP HQ Board Member, Colin Burke said that GAWB’s backing of NFP HQ will benefit the entire NFP community, adding value to Gladstone’s economic, environmental and social wellbeing as a result.

“GAWB’s significant partnership contribution of office space has already seen a positive flow-on of benefits to our local NFP’s.” Colin said.

“Our NFP Headquarters is shared with our accommodation partners who are a delightful reflection of the diversity of our local NFP Sector, including Boyne Tannum HookUp, Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Conservation Volunteers Australia and Gehgre Aboriginal Corporation.”

Board Member Mr Burke went on to say that once news about the Headquarters got out, the team experienced a rush of NFP’s seeking space of their own, some of which had operated for decades from any space they could squeeze into including meeting in members kitchens and local parks.

“Community response has been sensational.  Since moving in at the end of last year, before even having a sign-up, we have had a constant flow of NFP’s through the door seeking support to explore project ideas and collaboration projects.”

GAWB Chief Executive Officer Darren Barlow said that the project was a first for GAWB and offers a great opportunity to demonstrate GAWB’s values.