New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

Most people make a few new year’s resolutions when the time comes around, but how many actually stick to them? Don’t fall behind this year – we’ve got some great tips to keep you on track!

If you’re trying to ditch a bad habit, replace it with a good one!
If you’ve ever tried to stop a bad habit, you’ll know how hard it is. This is especially true when the time spent doing the bad habit is left open and allows us to think about it. Curb the desire to reinstate your bad habits by replacing them with a healthy new one. If your goal is to lose weight try drinking a full glass of water every time you crave a sweet, then you can create a healthy habit from the desire to fulfil the craving.

Make your new habit a part of your core identity
Make sure you bring your new habit into your core identity; say what you are or are not, rather than what you can or cannot do. Take a person with a goal of quitting smoking. They might be offered a cigarette and default to “I can’t, I’m trying to quit.” The mind can feel punished with the restricting words of can’t, which can make our cravings more intense. If that person instead said, “No thanks, I’m not a smoker,” they can feel more assured and confident that they aren’t missing out on something or being restricted, because they no longer identify with the habit.

Get organised
Put your socks and sneakers at the door ready for the morning jog or walk. Your brain will naturally be attracted to the laziest path, so when it comes to the option of searching for socks and shoes or going back to bed it’s most likely going to be the latter. The less time you give yourself to procrastinate the sooner you can head out the door and tackle your goals.

Make it pleasant
Do something you enjoy just before you start your new habit so your brain can build a positive association with the next activity. If it’s a morning run, make a nice cool smoothie first thing when you wake up, if your goal is to read, write paint or draw around the home then try lighting your favourite incense before you begin. These simple little steps really help win your brain over when forming new habits.

For more info and guidance on habits, check out the book Atomic Habits by James Clear