No QTAC offer? No worries!

No QTAC offer? No worries!








Year 12 graduates who didn’t receive a QTAC offer today “needn’t stress” according to Australia’s largest provider of apprenticeships and traineeships, Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA).

With over 700 apprenticeships and traineeships on offer ASA are encouraging young people to look at these study pathways as respected and practical ways of becoming qualified.

Margie Bradbury, ASA’s Queensland Manager, says “young people who complete apprenticeships and traineeships not only become nationally qualified, but they also gain valuable workplace-specific skills that are relevant; what’s more, you don’t need a mark or QTAC offer to be accepted.”

“There are hundreds of apprenticeships and traineeships touching almost every industry—and many young people don’t know the breadth of career possibilities they afford—from health, financial services, childcare, baking, and engineering, to carpentry and electrical work” says Mrs Bradbury.

“It’s commonly perceived that university has benefits over apprenticeships and traineeships—when in fact—research shows that in terms of employability, earnings, and relevance of skills to the contemporary workplace, one isn’t better than the other with graduate outcomes.

“There are huge advantages in doing an apprenticeship or traineeship like getting paid while you learn and avoiding accumulating study debt like HECS and HELP,” says Mrs Bradbury.

“It’s also important to remember that Australia is suffering from a chronic skills shortage, of which the bulk can be filled with a trade or traineeship qualification, meaning their skills are in high demand and it’s easier for young people to secure employment with strong growth prospects,” says Mrs Bradbury.

“If you’ve missed out on a UAC offer this morning or you don’t get your ideal preference you still have hundreds of training options and experiences to choose from.”

Young people wanting more information about the types of apprenticeships and traineeships on offer and how they go about signing up can call 1300 363 831 or visit