People with an injury or health condition who are looking to find a job are encouraged to contact Gladstone’s OCTEC Limited office.  OCTEC Limited, which started life as the Orange Community Training and Education Centre based in Central West NSW, is the largest not-for-profit Disability Employment Service (DES) provider in Australia.   

OCTEC is a leader in assisting people and their communities to provide pathways to employment, and helping individuals adjust to changing employment conditions. OCTEC’s Disability Employment Service is a free service funded by the Federal Government. The service delivers assistance to people with injury or health conditions to secure real jobs and create meaningful careers. Eligible job seekers aged between 15 years to approx. 65, are partnered with experienced OCTEC consultants to develop career goals, produce a resume, match available jobs, discuss any training needs, organise and support the job seeker at interviews, arrange work trials and provide support after clients have started work.   

The Gladstone OCTEC office has recently welcomed its newest staff member, career consultant, Greg Bray. Writing resumes, following potential employment leads and liaising with local businesses keeps Mr Bray busy in his new role. “I assess my client’s abilities and assist them to make the best career, or training choices for the future,” Mr Bray explained.    

When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Mr Bray said it was the satisfaction of assisting OCTEC’s clients to build their skills and confidence.  “Seeing them doing things they didn’t think possible when they first came in,” he said. “Sourcing career or training options for their future they never thought possible. Seeing how grateful they are to be given a chance to prove themselves and watching them shine in their new roles.” 

Mr Bray added that there are lots of feel good moments at OCTEC, particularly when a client finds a job after a long time of searching.   

For more information about how OCTEC can help you reach your career potential contact their Gladstone office on 4972 8056 | 0422 809 865 | visit www.octec.org.au