Office National Gladstone Supports Australian Paper, will you?

Australian Paper

Office National Gladstone Supports Australian Paper, will you?

You might not realise when you buy stationery and office supplies hat who you choose to buy off will make a difference! Office National Gladstone is locally owned, and has been owned by the Townsend family for the past 7 years. Rachel is a mum of two children and is passionate about local trading and keeping jobs on Australian shores.

Rachel Townsend, owner of Office National Gladstone says a large number of Gladstone businesses and organisations use Australian paper and should be very proud, but wants the broader community to know that paper brand choices can affect the economy. Did you know there is only one paper manufacturing plant in Australia? Australian Office is facing what Holden and Ford have recently experiences – closing down and leaving approximately 5000 people with unemployment. Australian Office is Australia’s only paper manufacturing plant.

Located in Victoria and using 100% farmed forest, Australian Office produces superior paper products that are quality tested, where other brands are not. Unfortunately, these days copy paper is mostly being imported from China and Indonesia and sold at extremely low prices. However, you can support Australian made products and keep Aussie jobs by buying Australian Office paper.

Find Australian Office paper at Office National Gladstone for less than $5 a ream