Paying it forward with pampering

Paying it forward with pampering

Every now and again something special happens in town that we just fall in love with. We recently came across a cool idea and we think it should become a more of a ‘thing’ in Gladstone.

The concept has been created by local dynamic company aiming to spread around some positive vibes and make each other feel good.

Here’s how it works: Find an amazing person that does everything for everyone else. It may be a mother, co-worker, wife, sister, doctor, wonderful dad or a volunteer. We know because they put other’s first and are very generous with their time that results in often putting themself last!

We bet after reading this you already have someone in mind, maybe a few someone’s that do so much.  Now we pay it forward. We gift them one hour of doing something nice for them. It may be just one hour. But it’s bigger than that, It’s a gesture to say, we value you.

To encourage the community to pay it forward and book for someone else Mel, owner of Body Dynamic has offered one staff member from her team to be the driver of pampering sessions for this concept. Danni is going to give the full treatment and trust us when we say they have gone all out to make sure it’s the best and newest form of feeling good on offer. A Dermologica advanced infusion facial. Sounds technical but it’s all the things you love in a facial rolled in together.

Also to make it a nice affordable option as a gift Mel has done a reduced price and also included a few extra perks like a free skin analysis. All you need to do is call and say ‘I want to pay it forward and book a pamper session for someone amazing’ and they’ll give you the discount price of $99 will the extra perks included.

Body Dynamics Beauty and Wellbeing is a small local business located at Tannum Sands. Maybe you can meet your amazing person after the treatment and have lunch at one of the nearby cafes afterwards! We wonder how many people in Gladstone will jump on board and spread it around.

Visit to book or call Danni on 07 4973 9377.