PCYC Raising Awareness on Cyberbullying

PCYC Raising Awareness on Cyberbullying

The Gladstone PCYC Youth Management Team (YMT) recently filmed a short video on the topic of cyberbullying. The video aims to raise awareness on cyberbullying and provide those who are affected by it options for support.

The Gladstone PCYC was able to put the video together after their successful application for a Tackle Cyberbullying Grant. The YMT teamed up with Elevate Media to create the video, keeping it to the point and more uplifting than the usual awareness video.

The YMT came up with a few questions to answer in the video;

  • What does cyberbullying mean to you?
  • What are the emotional effects of cyberbullying?
  • Who can help if you’re being cyberbullied?
  • Cyberbullying can affect people at all ages, what facilities does the PCYC have that the community can use during opening hours?

PCYC offers programs to help young people build resilience, communication and social skills, strength, confidence and self-esteem to work through dealing with all different kinds of challenges in life. The video shows the community that there is support available through the PCYC with plenty of activities, resources and programs that are available to use and participate in. For more information, please contact the PCYC @ 53 Yarroon St, Gladstone Central or call them on (07) 4972 3122.