Pioneering Renewable Hydrogen for a Greener Queensland

Pioneering Renewable Hydrogen for a Greener Queensland

Hydrogen Park Gladstone (HyP Gladstone) is a small demonstration facility in Queensland designed to produce renewable hydrogen to start to decarbonise gas supply in Gladstone.

HyP Gladstone is an important step in the development of a sustainable renewable hydrogen economy as supported by the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy 2019 – 2024.

Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing and Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher, has shared his thoughts on the new project.

“This AGIG project is an important stepping stone for Central Queensland. The first project of its kind in Australia, it will create training opportunities, new skills and jobs while contributing to decarbonisation targets in our Energy and Jobs Plan,” said Mr Butcher.

“Importantly, it will also deliver clean, affordable and reliable energy to Queensland households and businesses. Working with industry and our communities will be vital to ensure we seize all the opportunities arising from the transition to a net zero economy.”

Deputy Premier Steven Miles, has also shared his thoughts on the initiative.

“Queensland is leading the charge in growing the green hydrogen sector and our government is committed to driving all the opportunities that this brings,” said Mr Miles.

“Our regions are uniquely set up to support the shift to new, high value industries like renewable hydrogen that will set Queensland up for prosperity for decades to come.”

CEO of AGIG Craig de Laine, has shared his insights on this exciting new development.

“HyP Gladstone builds on AGIG’s experience in renewable hydrogen project development in Australia. As Australia’s first city wide project, HyP Gladstone takes a leap forward in showcasing the low carbon future of gas supply in Australia,” said Mr De Laine.

“We appreciate the Queensland Government’s ongoing support of HyP Gladstone and the broader actions they are taking to develop a hydrogen industry in the state. Queensland is very well placed from this new low carbon industry and the jobs it will create, including in regions such as Gladstone.” 

The facility will produce renewable hydrogen using a 175 kilowatt electrolyser with water and renewable electricity that will be sourced from the grid and matched with Large scale Generation Certificates (LGC’s) that will be procured and surrendered as required to ensure the electricity used is renewable. Gladstone will be the first city in Australia where the entire gas distribution network will supply customers with a blend of up to 10 per cent (by volume) of renewable gas.

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