Pizza Place Calliope Celebrates 10 Years

By Luke Smart

Pizza Place Calliope Celebrates 10 Years

On the 16th of July The Pizza Place Calliope celebrated 10 years of making pizzas in Calliope.

Originally starting out as an Eagle Boys Franchise in 2010, the restaurant went independent and evolved into The Pizza Place Calliope in 2013.

Owner Lee Grieve said,

“We have been through so much as a community together. We’re riding the waves of Covid now and over the years so much has grown and changed. We’ve seen the town double in size, we have a new high school and Calliope State school has had a major revamp!

“I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for letting us be a part of our great community. It means a lot to us and we couldn’t have asked for better customers if we tried.

“I would also like to say a huge thank you to my husband Terry. He has always been there over the years and I am really grateful for that.

“A special thank you to… all the awesome team members I have employed over the 10 years, you guys rock. My kids Kate and Joel, I am so proud of them and grateful that they were a part of this journey with me.

“Let’s see what the next 10 years bring!”