Queensland’s Patient Safety Net Takes Flight

Queensland’s Patient Safety Net Takes Flight

Four hospital and health services will trial a new clinical safety process for staff to escalate concerns about patient care. A patient safety net will be piloted by Townsville, Gold Coast and Central Queensland HHS’s and Children’s Health Queensland.

The pathway will include a hotline that can be utilised by all Queensland Health staff including contractors, agency staff, students and volunteers.

Executive committees will also be convened at each HHS to oversee concerns that have been escalated to stewards and ensure effective resolutions are achieved in a timely manner.

Shannon Fentiman, who is the Minister for Health, Mental Health and Ambulance Services and Minister for Women has shared her views on this initiative.

“It’s extremely important that everyone feels safe within our hospitals,” said Ms Fentiman.

“Patient Safety Net is designed to prevent harm to all patients and ensure they are receiving the best healthcare possible. This pathway has been developed to allow staff the opportunity to report any concerns about local patient safety issues that they feel may not be being addressed in a timely or sufficient manner,” 

“This new pathway streamlines the complaint process through providing staff access to a patient safety steward either in their HHS or in the Department of Health. It’s important staff feel supported to escalate any concerns they may have and have the option to remain anonymous.” said Ms Fentiman.

The pilot will be evaluated in mid-2024, with plans to roll the program out across Queensland Health and the Queensland Ambulance Service if it is effective.

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