Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre Celebrates 10 Years

Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre Celebrates 10 Years

The Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on Quoin Island celebrated their tenth birthday on the third

of March this year. Since their first patient in 2012, the centre has received 395 injured or

sick turtles.

Bob McCosker built and funded Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, and 10 years on

he is still the major sponsor of the centre too. Without him the sea turtles in our region would


McCosker, said that the numbers of sick turtles being taken to the facility have doubled since


“In 2012 we had 36 incoming patients, and 72 in 2021. This year alone we’ve already had 20

sea turtles come in so far, even though Summer should be our quiet season. 2022 looks to be

an incredibly busy and costly year for us.”

Quoin Island receives no government funding. McCosker hopes that in the future he can pass

the baton over to someone else to run the facility, though he is still committed to funding it

with help from sponsor Conoco Phillips APLNG.

“Originally I was told that turtles would only need a couple of days in care and then be

released. However, with the average stay for our turtles being about three months, and the

cost being $10, 000 a turtle, it proved to be a lot more costly and time consuming than


Despite having a waiting list for volunteers to help caring for the turtles and turtle taxi

services, there are still ways the community can be involved:

“If you find a stranded or floating sea turtle, call us on 0408 431 304.”

“Donate via the secure PayPal link on our Facebook page @quointurtles. Any donations go

straight towards the food, medication and vet bills of the turtles – and we can provide a tax

receipt for you as well.”

“Collect Containers for Change and donate the funds towards our scheme ID C10144592.”

“If you would like to be a turtle taxi, follow us on Facebook as any transport needed for

patients will be posted in there.”

Submitted by Kim Van Oudheusden