international women’s day – rachel hardy

international women’s day – rachel hardy

International Women’s Day means being able to celebrate strong, resilient and courageous women not only in our community but from all over the world.

My daughter Tyler is the person I look up to most as she inspires me daily to be the best version of myself by showing me even though she is only 17 she is a well-rounded, caring and self-disciplined young woman. Besides my daughter, I have always admired Rosie Batty (Domestic Violence Campaigner). I too believe that the family law system is putting not only women and children at risk but it fails to protect the family unit all together. Family law professionals need to have a real understanding of family violence and child protection along with child support.

After watching the movie Suffragette I realised at this time what a huge leap forward we have achieved by women who wanted to have a say and be involved in society. With the vote came the voice. Thanks to this, the modern-day woman has been given more freedom to follow her dreams and no longer has to be afraid to step outside her comfort zone.

Equality is certainly a barrier that is being broken down. Inequality often exists outside our conscious awareness and we often don’t notice the effects. I have sometimes been labelled as bossy or even too direct when in fact the same qualities in a man may be strong and assertive. Inequality is a status position. Lawyers, doctors, engineers and politicians are no longer exclusively middle-aged men. Women are starting to lead the way in these fields, but there is still room for improvement. We have seen equality in the work place come leaps and bounds. I believe that the attitude of the workplace is the key. Some companies have a great attitude towards equality while others still need some work.

The role of the traditional woman has changed for the better and has allowed so many more inspirational women to shine. May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them.