Last Thursday, Paul Charalambous, owner of local business Salt Power Yoga hosted the Mens Health Lunch to raise awareness about men’s mental health & general wellness in Gladstone. Guest Speaker, Glen Poole, founder of the Stop Male Suicide Project gave a inspiring, informative talk to the many community leaders in attendance.


Did you know?


  • Men die on average in Australia 6 years younger than women
  • 2 out of 3 deaths are preventable
  • Suicide and heart disease are two of the biggest killers of men. Both are stress related and both are preventable.
  • 71{7a2eb471754f58cbf59baa93ee81dc7b74d186cb2e306188f39c85ba863dbab8} of Gladstone men are overweight or obese.
  • CQ residents are twice as likely to breach domestic violence orders than the rest of QLD.
  • Less than 40{7a2eb471754f58cbf59baa93ee81dc7b74d186cb2e306188f39c85ba863dbab8} of Gladstone residents agree there are local community leaders they can trust.


Attendees learnt about how important it is to be aware of how they can help the men in the Gladstone region, and what we can do together to change lives. The lunch inspired many conversations about the issues presented and ideas and motivation for attendees to bring back to their workplace and lifestyles.


“It’s great to see mental health at the forefront here in Gladstone as Gladstone has almost double the rate of young men committing suicide than the national average. It’s an important area that we need to focus on because of the amount of young men living in this region”, said attendee, Timothy Bolch.


Implementing stress reduction training and suicide awareness programs in the workplace were just a few of the ideas discussed, as well as being more transparent to de-stigmatise help seeking behaviour, expand the skills of local leaders and develop peer support programs. Other ideas were also raised such as getting local businesses and community members to collaborate on preventative health programs for our region and working on educating our youth on what it means to be a modern man in the modern world.


Gladstone’s male suicide rate is twice the national average, a red light warning, giving us the push to really make sure that we are checking in with friends and family on how they are coping with everyday life and stresses. Let’s break down the stigma associated with men’s mental health and take action. #takelifebytheballs


If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.