Why Recycling Cans Makes Cents

Why Recycling Cans Makes Cents

As of the 15th of December Gladstone residents have been able to take their empty cans to Endeavour Foundation on Lyons Street and receive cash in return, about $1 per kilo.

This new service to our region is exciting but for so many more reasons than just being able to recycle your cans locally. The cans residents take in to Endeavour will be sorted and crushed by their employees then will make their way to Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) to be recycled resulting in wins all round for those involved.

The Boyne Smelter is currently consuming 13 million cans a month, however these cans have been sourced from suppliers throughout New South Wales and Queensland which incur a freight cost to move the cans to BSL. Having the Endeavour Foundation collect the cans locally will reduce this cost of freight and the more cans BSL recycle, less greenhouse gas emissions are used, that’s some major wins for BSL!

This brings the process along to Endeavour Foundation, who welcomes the opportunity to expand into a new commercial activity. Cash for cans offers their supported employee service another arm, which in turn means their employees are going to learn new skills and secure employment, that’s a super win for Endeavour!

So with BSL, Endeavour Foundation, our environment and the local community all coming out on top, the initiative is sure to be successful in its operations.

Let’s take a full look at how the whole process works: