Regional Queensland’s Cheapest Beachside Suburbs

Regional Queensland’s Cheapest Beachside Suburbs

After a turbulent year rife with lockdowns and restrictions many city slickers are reconsidering living in a crowded metropolitan area. This has sparked significant buyer interest in regional areas across the country in particular beachside suburbs.

But if you’ve looked at the median house prices in bustling beachside suburbs such as Byron Bay, the price of $1,870,000 is way out of reach for most homebuyers.

So a new report conducted by has found for you Regional Queensland’s cheapest beachside suburbs with Gladstones very own Barney Point coming in at number 1!

With the median house price at a low $142,000, there is a wide range of houses located at Barney Point to suit any budget. Barney Point wasn’t the only beachside suburb in Gladstone to make the list with Gladstone Central coming in at number 6 with a median house price of $260,000. With industry analysts being optimistic that Gladstone’s housing market will continue to rise in value there has never been a better time to snap up a beachside bargain.

Regional QLD’s Cheapest Beachside Suburbs

Cheapest house prices

  1. Barney Point $142,000
  2. East Innisfail $157,500
  3. Forrest Beach $220,000
  4. Cardwell $227,500
  5. Balgal Beach $249,500
  6. Gladstone Central $260,000
  7. Bowen $275,000
  8. Mackay $282,500
  9. Wonga Beach $288,750
  10. North Mackay $297,500