Riding for a Cause

Riding for a Cause

We love it when locals work together to support a great cause, especially when it is seasonally appropriate! No story will give you the winter-warmers more than the members of the Central Queensland Chapter of Motorcyclists Advocating Child Empower working with the volunteers of Ray’s Soup Kitchen for the good of our local community.

Ray’s Soup Kitchen has been operating every Monday night at St Saviours Parish in Gladstone since February 2015. Their mission has been to provide meals to a broad demographic within our community such as the homeless, those facing hard times, or those who need some help to get back on the right path. They don’t just offer meals, but also provide positive social interactions and friendship to those in the community that may feel marginalised. With the colder months now upon us, this service in the community is more needed than ever.

When the Soup Kitchen first opened, they had 12 people in attendance but now are serving up to 62 people at one time.  Regardless of how many or how few may attend, everyone who walks into Ray’s Soup Kitchen are greeted with open arms by the caring and dedicated volunteers who run this facility.

In recent months the members of the Motorcyclists Advocating Child Empower Social Motorcycle Club, who have been operating in Gladstone since May 2015, have been rolling up their sleeves up and assisting the team of volunteers at the soup kitchen.

When the idea of assisting the soup kitchen was first proposed by the Social Motorcycle Club, a comment was made about whether or not this type of involvement was in line with their child empowerment mission. The response given to this question was that we are all someone’s children.  Since that time, there has never been a shadow of doubt in the minds of the Social Club members that what they are doing is adding tremendous value to this great community service.

When it became apparent to the leather clad bikers just how much work and expense goes into maintaining this valuable community service, they saw an opportunity to contribute to this ongoing work.  The initiative was taken to organise the Ride for Ray’s event, which was held on the 29th May.  All proceeds from the ride were contributed to Ray’s Soup Kitchen and there are now plans to make this ride an annual event

When passionate locals get together to combine their interests, great things happen. In this case a Motorcycle Social Clubs passion for riding has been turned into an opportunity to give a helping hand to others less fortunate.