Roseberry Community Services – 30 Years Servicing the CQ Region

Roseberry Community Services – 30 Years Servicing the CQ Region

30-yearsGladstone not for profit organisation, Roseberry Community Services (RCS) celebrates 30 years of servicing the community this month.

RCS was first established in the mid-1980s when a committee was formed to apply for funding for a much needed youth shelter in a growing industrial city.

At the time, Gladstone was coming out of a busy period with the Boyne Island aluminium smelter having been opened in 1982, the inner and outer harbour deepened and widened in 1986 and the population was gradually increasing.

The youth shelter went on to become what we now know as Roseberry House – a place providing short term accommodation and support for homeless young people in crisis, as well as an integral part of the wider community service organisation.

roseberry managers

RCS Managers Team

RCS provides a range of programs and assistance to young people and families experiencing difficulties.

Over the years, as the organisation has grown, it has cemented its purpose through providing homes, strengthening families and supporting pathways for young people.

It has also developed into a multi layered organisation offering its programs, affordable housing and crisis accommodation in both Gladstone and Rockhampton.

Away from housing, a new federally funded program called ParentsNext is helping families by preparing parents to return to work when their youngest child heads off to school.

More recently, RCS has been the lead agency in bringing headspace to Gladstone.

Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation dedicated to improving the wellbeing of young Australians.

It provides early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds, along with promoting good physical health, providing work and study support as well as alcohol and other drug services.

RCS General Manager, Colleen Tribe, says the organisation’s community service role has grown significantly in recent years, especially during yet another economic growth period accompanying the LNG plants’ construction.

“The variety of services we offer now and the demand for them, has naturally increased as Gladstone’s population has grown,” she said.

Colleen acknowledged the valued financial contribution of governments as well as corporate and individual donors who have supported the organisation over three decades.


Painting signs for the celebration event

“We could not do what we do for vulnerable people in our community without the generosity of others and acknowledging that will be one aspect of the 30 year celebration.

“We will also honour the work of our dedicated staff because they’re at the frontline engaging with young people and their families,” she said.


A special event to be attended by donors, community representatives and the Minister for Communities, Women and Youth, Child Safety and the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Shannon Fentiman, will be held on September 22 to mark the milestone.



Roseberry House supervisor, Sherrie Stringer, says all young people have the right to feel safe all the time.

“We provide emergency accommodation for the homeless aged between 16 and 25. Our staff work hard to enhance their dignity, self-worth and independence while providing information and referrals to broaden their support networks.”


This program, which operates out of Roseberry House, supports young people in the community aged 16 to 25 that are living independently. They have been identified as needing assistance to establish and maintain stable accommodation, so they can break the homelessness cycle.

Roseberry Supervisor, Sherrie Stringer, says TIL aims to ensure these young people are in safe, secure accommodation and have the capacity to achieve the maximum possible degree of self-reliance and independence.

“They have the opportunity to develop social and personal skills to live successfully in the community and also to develop skills for economic independence.”


ParentsNext ProgramParentsNext assists parents to plan and prepare for employment by the time their youngest child reaches school age. The great thing about this new Australian Government initiative is Roseberry Community Services’ ParentsNext staff have the flexibility to tailor assistance to meet participants’ individual needs. Participants can benefit from the assistance we provide or arrange, including:

  • Certificate courses;
  • Household management;
  • Numeracy and literacy skills;
  • Work preparation and a whole lot more.


photopia-roseberry-community-010YFS manager, Shannara Emmerton, leads a multi-disciplinary team of people including a psychologist, social worker, youth worker and education representatives, providing services to vulnerable youth within the community and helping them re engage via schooling and career pathways.

“We help empower people to become stronger members of their community and the ones we see here at Branchout really respond well to our services.  There has been a growth in demand for our programs with the recent economic downturn and more family concerns. ”

Shennara says the service has really grown, particularly in the last six years, to be more respected within the community.

“We have people commenting on this all the time. I believe we are a standout organisation because of the innovative programs and projects we get involved in.”

These are some reflections from young people who have worked with RCS’s Youth and Family Services team.

“YFS has given me a second chance when nobody else would. I can now complete Grade 10 Maths and English, with help in everyday life skills. They’ve helped me with my resume, which puts me one step closer to my career and I’ve been offered traineeship experience and assistance. I love that they offer external opportunities and experiences, like TAFE courses, excursions, special speakers and programs. I reckon all schools should be like Branchout. Even though they don’t have teachers, they have people who genuinely care and give a lot of help and we can work at our own pace. It’s a completely different environment – no bullying or nastiness. Everyone is nice and supportive and can relate to each other. It always feels safe for everyone.”

And this:

“Branchout has helped me complete Year 10 so I can apply for my apprenticeship in Carpentry. No one else was going to let me do it. The people actually make me believe that I can do it and finish it. Roseberry has also helped me with living stuff and making sure I have enough money for food.”


Roseberry housingAs well as emergency accommodation, Roseberry also provides affordable housing in Gladstone, Yeppoon and Emu Park.

Here’s how some tenants, who have worked with Senior Housing Officer, Lisa McDermott, and here team, feel about the difference this program has made to their lives:

“At the William Street complex, I was in bad health and could not use the stairs from the carport to the unit if the lift broke down. I was lucky to be offered a ground floor unit at Kent Street in Gladstone.

“The staff have always treated me with kindness and respect. If ever I have had an issue, they have always looked into it and where possible, correct the issue.

“At times, while renting through RCS, I was at rock bottom. RCS was there for me and helped me immensely. Without their help, I don’t know where I would be now.”


HeadspaceThis National Youth Mental Health Foundation service is new to Gladstone having only opened in April. It provides early intervention mental health services for 12 to 25 year olds.

Manager, Lois Auld, sums up the Headspace mission in 2016 and beyond as providing an inclusive, honest service that provides a safe, supportive environment for young people. It aims to respect people’s unique, personal journeys and to empower them along the way.

In only five months, Headspace Gladstone has had 1000 enquiries to its centre.



Rockhampton manager, Lyn Anderson says Jack’s House Youth Shelter is an important part of the services provided by RCS to the Central Queensland community.

“Young people who are homeless have a right to safe shelter and this is exactly what we do. Youth workers provide intensive case management including working in partnership with other service providers. This ensures young people have the very best opportunity to connect with the community through engagement in education, training and employment.”


The TIL program provides young people with medium-term, independent accommodation where they are supported by workers to learn daily living skills, along with the skills required to maintain and sustain a successful tenancy. From here, they are assisted to transition to long-term independent accommodation in the private and/or social housing systems.


ParentsNext assists parents to plan and prepare for employment by the time their youngest child reaches school age. The great thing about this new Australian Government initiative is Roseberry Community Services’ ParentsNext staff have the flexibility to tailor assistance to meet participants’ individual needs. Participants can benefit from the assistance we provide or arrange, including:

  • Certificate courses;
  • Household management;
  • Numeracy and literacy skills;
  • Work preparation and a whole lot more.

Roseberry Community Services would like to thank their dedicated Board of Directors. These are individuals in the community that volunteer their time to assist RCS. Their service over the years has been an important part in the growth and successes that we have had serving the community.

Bill Macdonald (Company Secretary), Ged Melrose (and daughter Francis) and Craig Walker (Chair)

Bill Macdonald (Company Secretary), Ged Melrose (and daughter Francis) and Craig Walker (Chair)

Phillip Webb (Treasurer)

Phillip Webb (Treasurer)





Leonie Hills

Leonie Hills

Wesley walker (Vice Chair)

Wesley walker (Vice Chair)







Roseberry footer
“Happy Birthday wishes to Roseberry Community
Services a long term local from another long term
local, Gladstone Area Group Apprentices Limited.
Well done to Col and your team of dedicated staff
along with your board of directors for the support
given to Gladstone regions youth and families.”


“Congratulations Colleen Tribe and the dedicated
team at Roseberry Community Services Limited
on thirty years of service to the Community.
A milestone to proudly celebrate along with
many grateful clients who have been assisted by
programmes offered through your Organisation.”

– Glenn Butcher MP

“Congratulations to Colleen and all the team at
Roseberry Community Services on this significant
milestone. Betta and Roseberry have been doing
business together for many years and are proud to
support this vital community service.”

– Betta Home Living Gladstone

“Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) congratulates
Roseberry Community Services on 30 years of
service in our community, and thanks them for
the important work they do assisting young
people and families in our region. GPC was
honoured to support RCS’ Branchout program
as the major beneficiary for its 2016 Botanic to
Bridge event.”

– Gladstone Ports Corporation

“Sothertons would like to congratulate Roseberry
Community Services on servicing the Central QLD
region for 30 years.
Special thanks to all involved for your wonderful
contribution to ensure we live in a strong, vibrant,
compassionate community.”

– Sothertons

“Congratulations on this huge milestone and
thank you for choosing us as your local Gladstone
marketing partner. Col and the team work so
hard for great outcomes in our community and
it’s a privilege to be a small part of that ongoing

– Elevate Media

“To Colleen, Wendy and the Team, Congratulations
on reaching 30 Quality years of operations.
Your contribution to the community is greatly
appreciated by many. All the best for the future.
From Benji and the team at Regional Insurance

– Regional Insurance Brokers

“Wishing the team at Roseberry Community
Services a happy 30th birthday! Such a great
achievement supporting our community for
all those years with your valuable services.
From the team at Bill Robertson Toyota,

– Bill Robertson Toyota

“All the best for the future from the partners and
staff at Chris Trevor and Associates Lawyers. Locals
employing and supporting locals.”

– Chris Trevor & Associates Lawyers