Roseberry Dignity Services Reopening

By Luke Smart

Roseberry Dignity Services Reopening

The Roseberry Dignity Hub is an essential service for the community, providing free access to laundry facilities, bathrooms, perishable foods, information, and referrals for those currently experiencing homelessness.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, at the beginning of March, The Roseberry Dignity Hub and their van Dignity On Wheels were forced to close their doors. But after a government grant from The Department of Housing and Public Works, the Dignity Hub has finally reopened!

With over 350 people accessing the service on a monthly basis, closing the doors was extremely concerning for many members of the community. Colleen Tribe, General Manager of Roseberry QLD said,

“It was very concerning, we were wondering how people were going. We were still trying to get food parcels out to vulnerable people, but some of them didn’t have an address, so how do you get to those people? How do you contact them?”

After reopening the doors, the Dignity Hub has seen a large number of people resume access to the service. Colleen is confident once word of mouth spreads and the word gets out many more people will come back.

“It will no doubt build up to what it was before and will probably exceed it.”

If you or anyone you know is currently in a vulnerable position or at risk of being homeless, don’t hesitate to contact The Roseberry Dignity Hub on 0427 751 639 or drop in for a visit at 20 Rollo Street, Gladstone. The operating hours are Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.