Sharin’ the Love | Gladstone Wildlife

Sharin’ the Love | Gladstone Wildlife

There is no doubt that the Gladstone Wildlife team loves wildlife and they want to share their love with you.

Gladstone Wildlife’s community education Habits for Habitat team is back in 2018 thanks to a two-year funding partnership with Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) and Rio Tinto Yarwun. The partnership will allow an increase in program development and resources over the next two years.  This means more access to community groups to the Habits for Habitat program.

QAL and Rio Tinto Yarwun general manager Mike Dunstan said “Caring for our local wildlife and the environment is critical for the sustainability of the Gladstone region. The ‘Habits for Habitat’ program equips school students and community groups with the skills to care for native animals and habitats.”

“QAL is proud to be able to support the next generation of Gladstone environment caretakers.”

Gladstone Wildlife receives more than 1500 wildlife rescue calls in the Gladstone region every year. The Habits for Habitat program will provide an educational resource for our community to connect with our wildlife and understand the lives and homes of some pretty special animals and how you can help them.

Program coordinator, Jodi Jones, whose work with our region’s wildlife was featured in last week’s issue of Gladstone News said: “We have such an amazing diversity of animals in our region and it is important that we get the message out there and share our love of our region’s wildlife.  Habits for Habitat offers our community a unique up-close education experience with our regions special wildlife and the people that care for them when they are in need.

Being able to take our rescue animals into the classroom and community is a special experience in which the group learns about some very special animals of our region and how we can help them not only through rescue and rehabilitation but through care of their homes and habitat. 

Want to find out more?   The Habits for Habitat program is a free program and open to bookings and can be booked by contacting Gladstone Wildlife or by phoning 0427 106 803