SHED Barbershop Under New Ownership

SHED Barbershop Under New Ownership

At the start of August Gladstone, local Sarah-Jane Davis became the proud owner of the SHED Barber Shop.

Located at 90 Goondoon Street the SHED used to be named the Garage Barber Shop before Sarah-Jane purchased the shop from Rex Silver, owner of the Silver Salon just upstairs.

When asked why she bought the barbershop Sarah-Jane said that she was looking for something new and exciting to make her own.

“About a year and a half ago now, my partner died in a truck accident while we were running a trucking company. When he passed away, I closed the business and I’ve been looking for something new to do and my sister Jade happened to be the manager here and has been for quite a while. So, I was just looking for something new to do and I just sort of fell into it.”

“My sister being the manager definitely helped, I had someone that I was already familiar with but it was also something new and exciting and it was going to keep me busy which is what I need.”

Sarah-Jane does not want to make any sudden or drastic changes to the barbershop many locals know and love.

“With the change of ownership, with the change of name and with the re-brand some customers do not know what it’s going to be anymore, we want to reassure our clients that there is not much change happening. It’s still the same barber that they know and trust and it’s still the same feel and environment.”

“The clients know what they are coming in here for. The girls are amazing barbers, there is a certain ambience, and that is something I do not want to change.” Sarah-Jane said.