Hundreds of shooters from across Australia and some international guests gathered at Raglan Target Sports Association to compete over two days in the Halls Firearms 2019 QLD International Practical Shooting Confederation State Titles. The event saw competitors shoot in open, standard, production, revolver, classic, light, production optics and production optics light divisions. Club member, Shaun Hannant said the International Practical Shooting Confederation (ISPC) group has been running for just three years, growing from 5 members to 35 members this year.  

Practical shooting is an International competition that is shot on all continents, with local, state, national, regional and international championships happening regularly. 

The sport of Practical target shooting sees a variety of target types; paper, steel, stationary and moving, scoring targets and penalty targets. Shooters compete in several stages, with each stage using a different number and arrangement of targets to create a shooting challenge that competitors need to solve as quickly and accurately as possible. All participants, both male, female and juniors, compete together over the same stages, with the same rules and the same scoring procedures. 

Local club members achieved excellent results across the Production, Open and Standard Divisions. Shaun Hannant finished in second place in the A grade production division and regraded to master grade. Michael Beak finished third in the B grade production division and regraded to A grade. 

In the Open division, Svend Nexo finished third in his C grade division and regraded to B grade, and Steve Simms achieved 2nd in D grade. Lisa Calvert was awarded the top lady title in the standard division.