Small Business Month 2021 – The Way Out

Small Business Month 2021 – The Way Out

May is Small Business Month in Queensland

Small businesses make a vital contribution to our local economy, and to celebrate we have profiled four local small business owners.

Meet Jessica Driessen from The Way Out.


Word of mouth is the best way you can support a small business according to The Way Out co-owners Kyle Vlaar and Jessica Driessen.

“If you enjoy a product or service, tell people,” Jessica said.

“Like the business’s Facebook Page, write a review, pass a long the information. You have no idea how much you can help your favourite local business by just telling people why you loved it.”

The Way Out is made up of two real-life escape rooms, where teams of players must solve clues and puzzles to escape a scenario room, Doctors Demons and Tekapo’s Temple, in under 60 minutes.

Its opening in March 2020, one day before closures due to COVID-19 were brought in, was very much a labour of love.

“We designed and built the rooms ourselves, every puzzle, clue, decoration and storylines were created or sourced by us,” Jessica said.

“We wanted to create unique escape rooms that we are passionate about, and experiences that were suitable for families to enjoy together.”

With plans to add a third Zombie Apocalypse room later this year and eventually a fourth room, Jessica said much of taking their vision to a reality was trial and error.

“So many people will give you advice and tell you to do things their way, but you have to remember that it is advise, and not truth,” she said.

“You need to take on advice but stay true to you and your vision.

“And don’t do anything by halves, put all of yourself into something, or not at all.”

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