Small Business Month – McDaniel Solutions

Small Business Month – McDaniel Solutions

May is Small Business Month in Queensland

Small businesses make a vital contribution to our local economy, and to celebrate we have profiled four local small business owners.

Meet Daniel McDonald from McDaniel Solutions.


Daniel McDonald has not looked back as a small business owner.

Over the past five years his asbestos business’s growth has seen Daniel go from a part-time owner-operator to a full-time company that employs seven locals.

“I did my first asbestos job out of my wife’s Hyundai, and I realised I enjoyed it,” Daniel said.

“I was told I did a good job, and that there was a market for the kind of services I could offer.

“So, I decided to give it a go.”

Daniel, who emigrated with his family to Australia from Ireland in 2012, said he feels very lucky to have had the opportunity to start his business in Gladstone.

“The people I have met, whether it be contractors, suppliers, residents or new friends, I have learnt a lot from each and every one of them, and the jobs we do,” he said.

“It’s important to have good people around you as a small business owner, to help you take a break and see what you are achieving because there can be a lot of challenges, especially in the first few years.

“It can be hard to get your name out there, and you are always on the job either thinking about it or worrying about getting work or finding the right team.”

Daniel said while there can be bad days as a small business owner, he is glad he did not let the risks stop him.

“If it’s something you truly want you cannot let your worries stop you,” he said.

“See each day as a learning opportunity, take from it what you can, and try again the next day.”

McDaniel Solutions provides Asbestos Removal Class A and B, Asbestos Testing, Waste Management, Skip Bin Hire and Fabrication and Welding.

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