Residents of South End are hosting a really exciting Christmas in July fundraiser for the Capricorn Rescue Helicopter Service!

South End

Residents of South End are hosting a really exciting Christmas in July fundraiser for the Capricorn Rescue Helicopter Service!

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Capricorn Lodge owners and South End residents Ailsa and Alan are eager to get the community involved in their upcoming Christmas in July fundraiser.

“Capricorn Lodge has been doing Christmas in July, which is solely a fundraiser for the Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS), for many years. We both believe it is very important to show our appreciation for their services. CHRS is not only important for our local residents but also for the many visitors who come to our beautiful part of the world.”

South End on Curtis Island really is an escape to paradise, just off the coast of Gladstone, but being on an island can come with its restrictions, the most detrimental being that they are isolated from normal emergency services.

Local home owner Amy Prest said “I have two small children who love to spend the weekend going on adventures, going surfing and fishing or just jumping on their trampoline and I feel so much comfort in knowing that the CHRS is there to help my family in an emergency. The service they offer us in invaluable.”

The Christmas in July fundraiser is a testament to the incredible community of people who live on South End. Organisers Robyn Mulvena, Anneke Birch and Ann Abbott, work tirelessly to put the event together, along with Ailsa and Alan and many other locals and their families who all come over to lend a hand before and after the event.

The event will include a 3-course meal, raffles, auctions and plenty of fun and entertainment, all for a great cause.

“Jenny Hart generously donates the sweets and let me tell you they are to die for, she is such a good cook. With Jenny donating the sweets it allows Alan and I to donate $5 from every ticket straight to the CHRS. Bill McKinstrey is our MC for the evening and if we are lucky he might sing a couple of songs.” Ailsa said.

Curtis Ferry Services offer a ferry service to bring guests over and home again on the night of the event and many businesses and some very generous people donate the prizes for the enormous raffles.

“Jean Kane who is our local artist has been donating one of her very impressive paintings for a number of years now, and this year is no exception, which gets auctioned off on the night and at the end of the evening monies go to CHRS.”

South EndTo get involved in the event or to buy a ticket to Christmas in July you can book either through the Curtis Ferry Services (49726990) or call Ailsa at Capricorn Lodge (49720222).