Boyne Valley finally get mobile phone reception

Boyne Valley finally get mobile phone reception

One of the greatest things to happen for the residents of Boyne Valley happened with the installation of a new Telstra tower after a very long wait some area’s now have mobile phone reception – what a relief.

When the message came up on facebook ‘Posting this from mum & dads house. Oh my gosh there is service here!!!’ I almost fell off my chair in surprise and delight. It may have been the first facebook post from a mobile phone ever in Boyne Valley.

It’s been a extremely slow progress and a long hard fight to get a tower, phone reception and connectivity for the community that are only a jump and skip from Calliope. It’s been a huge relief for families who can now contact family members and check on them as well as the residents who have faced complete isolation. Roads flood, electricity disappears, and even land line and internet drop out. A Huge safety issue!

Prior to today when driving to the Boyne Valley you would reach a point where the phone would just go blank – no reception, no internet and no way to call for help. (or facebook)

In the heartbreaking story of local legend, Trev McClure, a man who lost his life working on the land, this is a change that could have made a difference. It’s said that if he could’ve made a phone call he may have received help from a mate. However the black spot meant no reception and he was found with a mobile phone close by.

Local people have been making noise as much as possible about being isolated an left behind and finally it’s been addressed.
Ken O’dowd said ”As many will be already aware, the new Mobile blackspot tower at Ubobo, Queensland, Australia is now online. While service will be interrupted and intermittent as the technicians get it up and running, this will be very welcome news to the Boyne Valley. I look forward to coming up and having a look once it is fully operational.”

Local man, Frank McKee responded with ‘Very good news indeed Ken O’Dowd MP, a real game changer for the Valley.’

MP Glenn Butcher has also been publicly thanked by resident Margaret Pengelly who posted a heartfelt message that said ‘Thank you Glenn for the part you played in bringing mobile phone service to the Boyne Valley. I’ve made my first mobile call from my front verandah. Wow’.

It’s a big step forward, one that should have been done long ago but a very worthwhile moment to celebrate.

The service in not in full swing yet as the infrastructure is still in testing stage but will soon be fully operational. Look here for more info