Students Get Job Ready With GAGAL

Students Get Job Ready With GAGAL

Hundreds of CQ high school students are getting a glimpse of the real world of work with a brand-new program delivered by Gladstone Area Group Apprentices Ltd’s Madeleine Brunty.

GAGAL CEO Leigh Zimmerlie said the program – so new it doesn’t officially have a name (suggestions welcome!) – combines all the knowledge a young person needs before making decisions about their future and students from fourteen senior high school students in Gladstone, Rockhampton, Biloela, Monto and the Central Highlands have already taken part:

“It’s teaching them how to put their best foot forward when starting out in their career,” Leigh said.

Reflecting back on her early days in the workforce, Leigh said they’d brought partners on board to make the course holistic, ranging from brushing up on spelling and how to write a great resume, right through to saving up some of your newly earned wage:

“When I was in banking, I found that often kids just have no idea how to manage their money once they’re working,” she said. “You’re an apprentice, maybe you’d like to get the latest ute in town and you have to get a personal loan, but you don’t know how to go about it.”

Students get information about banking, saving and investment for their future financial security as well as vital information about their personal safety at work, both physically and mentally with speakers from Headspace and Occupational Health and Safety experts.

“In Central Queensland the workplace health and safety is amazing,” Leigh said. “We’re very particular, and the support for apprentices in this region is just outstanding.”

“But we’re preparing young people for their future and sometimes things do go wrong. The course deals with bullying, harassment, suicide prevention because it’s so important.”

The fun and interactive course is popular with both students and teachers because it’s all helping their students take that next step.

“We’re getting them ready and giving them the knowledge to make the right decisions.”

To inquire about getting the program into your school, check out their webpage: