Survivors of Suicide are here to help!

Survivors of Suicide are here to help!

Survivors of SuicideWe came about after my own loss. I had never been affected by suicide so I went through life not giving it much thought.

I met my gorgeous friend Rachel when we worked together on the Gold Coast, 15 years ago. We always remained close, we had that friendship where you could talk about anything, we just clicked. On December 10th 2016 she rang me, upset and an hour later she took her life.

The guilt I feel is heavy, the grief is different, and the questions go back and forth. I felt like I had failed her as a friend.

In my own attempts to find a councillor or a group such as SOS Gladstone, I was encouraged to start one – there had been one many years ago but the people running it had left town.

So, the ball started rolling. Gladstone Women’s Health Centre were kind enough to offer us “Little House” to have our meetings in. We are slowly coming together; we have just ordered some flyers and business cards. We will hopefully pop up at a market or two, just to let people know we are here.

We are here to encourage anyone who has lost someone to come along. It doesn’t have to be a recent loss; we all know that it’s hard years later too. Its informal and we are finding our way but so far our conversations flow, or if you don’t want to talk just being there helps, there is no pressure. There is comfort in talking to people who truly understand.

We have 2 meetings a month, a morning session and a night session, where we supply tea, coffee and nibbles.

Our next meetings are:
5th June 930am
19th June 6pm

We are contactable through our facebook page Survivors of Suicide Gladstone
Phone 0407199951

Little House is located behind the Women’s Health Centre and can be accessed via Buller St.

Suicide should not be such a taboo subject, I’m not ashamed of my friend, I just miss her.Survivors of Suicde