Sweet Success: Neil & Inge’s Fruitful Triumph Day

Sweet Success: Neil & Inge’s Fruitful Triumph Day

Neil and Inge McEachran, long-standing members of the Calliope Golf Club have made an enduring impact through their unwavering commitment. For almost five decades, they have been the generous sponsors of the annual golf day, affectionately named Produce Day, where fresh fruit platters serve as coveted prizes.

This event has garnered enthusiastic participation, with each club member rallying in support of Neil and Inge’s enduring dedication. 

McEachran’s Produce Day, which took place on Saturday, October 28th, marked a remarkable forty nine years of tradition and community celebration. The event was a resounding success, with attendees from all walks of life coming together to enjoy the festivities. The occasion was made all the more special by the presence of Neil and Inge, who were surrounded by their loving family and friends throughout the day.

Carmel, a dedicated member of The Calliope Golf Club, has conveyed her heartfelt gratitude for the event. Her appreciation highlights the significance of the occasion and the positive impact it had on the community and its members.

“Neil & Inge McEachran have been long time members of our club. Over this time, they have sponsored a golf day each & every year. It has always been called Produce Day as the prizes supplied have always been an array of lovely fresh fruit platters,” said Carmel.

“It has undeniably been a challenging year for Neil, battling numerous skin cancers and undergoing a significant operation to have his eye removed. Nevertheless, the recent event proved to be a resounding success with an overwhelming turnout of our club members who came together in full support of Neil and Inge.”

In recognition of Neil’s dedication and invaluable contributions spanning nearly half a century, he was recently honoured with a Life Membership of the club. It was a heartwarming occasion that showcased the enduring spirit of McEachran’s Produce Day and the tight-knit community it represents.


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