Tamp It: Quick, Healthy, Affordable Home Cooking Now In Boyne Island

Tamp It: Quick, Healthy, Affordable Home Cooking Now In Boyne Island

The new café, located on Pioneer Drive in Boyne Island’s Industrial Estate, is a mother-daughter collaboration inspired by a love for food and family.

Samara and Kahn, the owners of brand new café ‘Tamp It’ have created a space that displays their appreciation for good food and coffee, and a genuine love of hospitality. The former ‘Baked Bean’ owners are pursuing their newest endeavor after making a sea change, and returning to Tannum Sands and Boyne Island from Bororen.

The pair said that their incredibly loyal customer base who supported them in Bororen are continuing to encourage them, even though they are now a little further away. Samara said that they are incredibly grateful for this warm reception, and former customers are now making up a third of their new café’s customer base.

Kahn said that ultimately, food is at the heart of their family. This is the main reason why the duo have decided to stay in the hospitality industry.

“I’ve really thought a lot about it, and for us, this is what we love and it’s what we want to be doing. Samara and I work really well together, and food has always been our family culture. All my grandparents, uncles, aunties and my parents all cook. So food is a big part of our family, and we love feeding people,” said Kahn.

Visible from the road on Malpas Street, the atmosphere of ‘Tamp It’ looks as though it should reflect the hustle and bustle of the main road into Gladstone from Boyne Island, however it couldn’t be more different. Filled with golden sunshine, the toasty smell of coffee, and of course plenty of home-made food, ‘Tamp It’ is truly an experience that reflects the heart of it’s business’ values: family, food, and friendship.