The best thing since Sliced Bread

The best thing since Sliced Bread

A sandwich. Not just any sandwich – it was my perfect old fashioned sandwich made right in front of me. You may think I am being silly but I grew up with a dad who ran a sandwich store.

It’s not easy to come by a place that will let you build the perfect sandwich combination anymore. Lots of places have pre-prepared, pre-wrapped and too bad if you don’t like tomato sandwiches.

I thought I was just going to get a coffee but I looked down and the rest was history. Multigrain bread, butter, slice of cheese, chicken, lettuce, tomato and real slice of avocado with a bit of mayo and pepper – cut in two triangles (c’mon I am 32 – grew out of the smaller 4 triangles a few years ago).

It was exactly what I wanted, in the right proportion and at my first bite I realised I loved the good old sandwich and I had missed it. I took a picture. My dad would think I was a goose for taking the picture. ‘Can’t you kids just eat something without showing everyone’?

No dad, I can’t. I am going to post what I had for lunch today in the paper because I want more people to go and get a sandwich so the place does very well and I can continue the love fest I have for this delicious hand made on the spot, just for my lunch!

Chillaxing Café. In the Valley. Trust me, Try it. #chillaxsambo