The End Of An Era: Gladstone Newsagency To Close Its Doors One Last Time

The End Of An Era: Gladstone Newsagency To Close Its Doors One Last Time

After more than five years under the ownership of Sonya Sims, and more than thirty as a newsagency, Gladstone Newsagency is getting ready to close their doors for the last time. 

Sonya Sims has been the owner of Gladstone Newsagency for more than five years. After working in jobs like being a prison guard, a casino dealer and a small business owner, Sonya wanted a job that she could work in until her son graduated high school. Unfortunately, due to a loss of foot traffic and of course Covid-19, Sonya was unable to maintain the business. However, her son is only a few months from graduating, and Sonya is determined to be positive about the change. 

“I come from a family who just can’t stay still. I’m going to retire and buy a motorhome, and travel around Australia for a bit. I’m really looking forward to the freedom,” said Sonya. 

When Sonya first took over the Newsagency, it was on the brink of closing. In the time since then she has rebuilt it, and made it a regular stop for workers in the Goondoon Street CBD. 

“We have had people who come in everyday to buy a newspaper. It becomes a habit- if you move the newspapers, people just go to where they normally are and look for them.”

After five and a half years of being open for seven days a week, always waiting at the counter with a smile, Sonya said that she is excited for the next chapter of her life. 

“I’m really sad to see my staff go- they’ve been so wonderful, and I hate feeling like I’m letting them down. I truly hope that there’s nothing but positivity waiting for them after this, but I’m excited for new adventures.”


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