The Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct

The Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct

First construction milestone reached.

Council’s Corporate Plan (2018-2023) maps a clear direction towards creating a strong fabric of community connectedness, lifestyle and enhanced liveability in the Gladstone Region.

The Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct has been designed to strengthen Gladstone’s community and social service system by

the clustering of community facilities to improve and enhance service delivery and community outcomes. The  Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct recognises the central role communities play

in supporting and protecting good wellbeing through fostering social inclusion, connectedness, and enabling access to resources and services.

The cut to fill milestone was reached on Friday, 3 April 2020, with the use of machinery such as a Skid Steer Loader, CAT Backhoe and a 36-tonne Excavator. The construction milestone took approximately 8000 man-hours and was completed safely with no lost-time injuries.

Temporary dams were installed to capture water runoff from the recent rainfall events. The water was then used in earthworks compaction and dust suppression. An excellent example of how to remain water wise no matter how big or small the project.

Construction workers are working with the  Department of Transport and Main Roads to minimise any inconveniences to daily travel along Philip Street. The 60km speed limit has been maintained with stringent safety controls in place. Fauna spotters were used to monitoring the protection of any wildlife before and during the clearing of vegetations.

You can find more information about the  Phillip  Street  Communities and Families Precinct project online at­ precinct.

The Philip Street Communities  and Families  Precinct has been funded by the Australian Government’s Regional Jobs and Investment

Packages, Gladstone Regional Council and the Gladstone Foundation, in partnership with The Salvation Army.