The Ruben Wood Smokers

The Ruben Wood Smokers

A new business has opened in Gladstone, The Ruben Wood Smokers, specializing in barbeque smoking wood chips and accessories.

Opened by born and bred Gladstone locals Lacey Marsh and her partner Kyle two months ago, the business aims to fill the gaps in our region’s barbeque market.

“Basically we are all about wood or fuel for your smoker/BBQ. We also have rubs, seasonings, and all the BBQ accessories in between.” Lacey said.

“We wanted to create a one-stop barbeque shop for all of Gladstone.”

Currently, The Ruben Wood Smokers does not have a brick and mortar store that customers can walk in to browse from, but Lacey reassured us there is one in the works.

When asked what inspired the creation of The Ruben Wood Smokers Lacey said,

“It’s all about the cooking! It’s natural for families and friends to gather around a barbeque or a home cook of some sort and spend that special time with each other.

There’s something about food that brings us all together and get’s us excited about life.”

Lacey went on to explain that barbeque smoking isn’t all about meat-eaters.

“It’s common for people to think that smoking is only for meat-eaters, but I think it’s really important that all types of diets are included! A lot of the products that we currently sell are Kosher, vegan friendly and are made with all-natural ingredients.”

“Smoking doesn’t have to be steak, a lot of people smoke vegetables and fruits, spices, cheese, as well as oils, salts and even sugars!”

If you want to spice up your next barbeque you can find The Ruben Wood Smokers by searching for them on Facebook.